Choose DX13 | 100% natural and non-toxic

DX13 is composed entirely of diatomaceous earth: non-volatile organic matter and completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. Approved by Health Canada, our product promises you a complete removal of bed bugs, without exposing you to pesticides harmful to your health that are currently sold on the market.

Treatment and Prevention

Used in cases of infestation and for preventive measures, DX13 is easy to apply on all types of surfaces. Our method of use guides you one step at a time for optimal efficiency.

How to use

How it works

The micro-fragments that make up the diatomaceous earth eliminate bugs mechanically. DX13 naturally lacerates bugs at all stages of life, from egg to adult, thanks to the fine particles specific to this material.

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  • Ease of Use

    Easily apply DX13 to infested surfaces yourself.

  • Instant Results

    Say goodbye to bedbugs almost instantly!

  • Prevent future infestations

    By using DX13, you protect yourself from future infestations.