We are a nationally based hospitality company and have had the opportunity to review your DX13 product. We were impressed to say the least. Although we have had the fortune of not being affected by the occurrence of bedbugs in our facilities, we are, needless to day, aware of the ongoing proliferation of this pest, which is becoming an industry-wide problem. Therefore, in an effort to safeguard our hospitality business against such a pest, we stand ready to order an initial quantity from you in order to provide our housekeeping departments with the right tool in the event there ever is an unwanted occurrence To this end, we are prepared to purchase $20,000 worth of both DX13 powder form and DX13 aerosol form. Please consider this a purchase order to that effect.

F. Manji
CEO, Prime Hospitality, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Our team trialed DX13 within our Bed Bug IPM and found some key advantages compared to competing products. The ease of use that comes with the aerosol is superior to any other application tool I have used. The cans consistent pressure creates an even layer of dust on all treated surfaces, unlike other application methods that often become uneven and messy.

An additional advantage comes from the products ability to adhere to surfaces. Treating the underside of furniture is done with ease and the product stays in place once the furniture is placed back upright. This makes for a cleaner and safer treatment for the customer.

DX13 is highly effective for crack and crevice treatments. The straw included with the product allows for the product to be applied in tight spaces and the pressure of the aerosol fills the targeted void.

Reoccurring infestations is a major challenge for our team working in large multiunit buildings. Choosing a quality dust like DX13 over synthetic chemicals provides a long lasting residual benefit that will help prevent the issue from reoccurring once resolved.

Customer safety is always at the utmost importance when choosing a product. DX13 is a natural product devoid of harsh chemicals that may pose health and safety risks. DX13 has been the product of choice when treating units where health concerns are raised by the customer.

Brent Peltier
Supervisor, Pest Control, CityHousing Hamilton, ON, Canada

I have been using DX13 bedbug product for the past 6 months and I immediately noticed the result. All the rooms that we’ve treated with DX13 bedbug spray not only killed the bedbugs but will also protected my rooms from future infestations. I wish that I had known of this product years ago, for it cost our company a lot of money using chemicals that killed bedbugs but never protected my rooms.

Fighting bedbugs is very expensive! But with DX13 I can now have “peace of mind”.

M. Espadilla
General Manager, Super 8, Vancouver, BC, Canada

DX-13 was easy to use, and proved to be highly effective. The formulation is completely safe for pets, so my cats didn’t have to leave the apartment while using the product. DX-13 wasn’t messy, covered a considerable surface area, and can be applied to any surface with absolutely no damage to furniture or belongings. The nozzle allows you to accurately apply the product exactly where it’s needed, and one can goes a long way. This spray formulation was far superior to the less effective powdered versions, and provided efficient results without any of the harsh chemicals present in pesticides. I would definitely recommend this product to others!

Kelsey Murray
Homeowner, Burlington, ON, Canada

The Solution

Health Canada approved our DX13™ product in June 2013 for industrial and domestic uses. DX13™ is being used in hotels, private homes, apartments and government social housing projects.

How it Works

Our modified diatomaceous earth (“DE”) essentially damages the outer skeleton of insects, killing them by desiccation. Our aerosol spray allows for application of DX13™ on bedbug paths behind headboards, on ceilings,  furniture legs, and around light switches. DX13™ adheres to these surfaces and ensures that the bedbugs will eliminate themselves by horizontal transfer long into the future.