The Solution

Health Canada approved our DX13™ product in June 2013 for industrial and domestic uses. DX13™ is being used in hotels, private homes, apartments and government social housing projects.

Product Benefits

  • All Natural, no toxins
  • Safe – no odours, no stains, no harmful additives, gloves are suggested but not mandatory for application
  • Works faster and better than most products on the market today
  • Easy-to-use aerosol can with applicator straw
  • Reduces down time and lost income for any commercial use where room inventory turnover is crucial such as hotels
  • DX13™ is a must for hotels, condos, provincial and state housing authorities responsible for subsidized housing, apartment owners/operators, cruise ship operators, university residences, public transportation, retail stores to use as a minimum-operating standard for the prevention and eradication of bed bugs.
  • Our data from University of British Columbia* clearly demonstrated horizontal transfer of DX13™ that was actively transferred from a single exposed bug to unexposed bugs in a concentrated manner.
  • Reduces call backs for pest management technicians given it’s fast acting long lasting and effective results.
  • Tested by DE LABS and confirmed to be effective by a University of British Columbia lab by a team of leading entomologists.
  • Tested & approved by Sterling IAQ Consultants, a leading indoor air quality specialist as safe for use.
  • Example: In a head-to-head competition at the University of British Columbia with the leading national brand for bedbug eradication, DX13™ outperformed the other product by 36% over a 10 hour period and by 50% over a 24 hour period


DX13 is great for use everywhere. it can be applied to mattresses, box springs, headboards, dressers, pillows, baseboards and under carpets. DX13 is an effective treatment for long-term bed bug management.


After tests and studies performed by the University of British Columbia, DX13 was found to be significantly more effective than other dusts. Mattresses treated with DX13 were especially effective against bed bugs. Along with direct contact, the horizontal transfer of DX13 from exposed bed bugs also has a great effect. Once sprayed, DX13 continues to work for at least 21 days. Bigger is not better. The smaller particles showed higher effectiveness and caused greater weight loss in bugs than larger particles.

* Published article: “Horizontal transfer of diatomaceous earth and botanical insecticides in the common bed bug, Cimex lectularius L.; Hemiptera: Cimicidae” by Yasmin Akhtar and Murray B. Isman, published in 2013 in the journal PLoS ONE vol. 8(9): e75626.

Key Features

  • All Natural, no harmful additives
  • Non toxic
  • Completely Safe and Effective when used as directed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural alternative to toxic bed bug products on the market today
  • Proprietary and patented in Canada, USA, EU, & China
  • Approved for use by Health Canada with PCP numbers
  • Available as a pressurized aerosol spray applicator for ease of use
  • Made from high-grade natural ingredients
  • Effective in 6 to 8 hours and provides protection for several months

More Info about DX13™

Read our Material Safety Data Sheets for DX13™:


Bed Bugs: The Global Problem

Years ago there were strong pesticides used to eradicate bed bugs. These chemicals were toxic and harmful to the environment. Now with the help of Mother Nature, there is a new, green, all natural product, made from the fossilized microscopic plankton that lived in the oceans of ancient earth — and it’s your solution for prevention & eradication of bed bugs.

How it Works

Our modified diatomaceous earth (“DE”) essentially damages the outer skeleton of insects, killing them by desiccation. Our aerosol spray allows for application of DX13™ on bedbug paths behind headboards, on ceilings,  furniture legs, and around light switches. DX13™ adheres to these surfaces and ensures that the bedbugs will eliminate themselves by horizontal transfer long into the future.